Organic Restaurants Where Are You? Canola Really?

WHY NO ORGANIC Restaurants?

Ok I don’t get out a lot but I think I would have heard of a restaurant opening up in Vegas or Henderson that was actually serving only Organic meals.

WHY is that? IF I was able to own a restaurant in today’s world, I would venture into this type of business.

WHY not give people an option to eat healthier know where your food comes from food. REAL FOOD, HELLO?

SO what if your ingredients will be more costly .. HELLO people will PAY for better food its a fact look at the success of WHOLE FOODS, SPROUT Markets, Wild Oats among a few.

What you do is figure in the cost of the extra you pay for that food into your budget then it passes on to the customer as always. After all your restaurant is a Gourmet restaurant. PEOPLE come there know they will pay a bit more. And will they come to your establishment? DAM RIGHT! Id be first in the line if I got wind of a new restaurant opening that actually cooked with all food organic sources. There are so many hungry Foodies out there that would love to enjoy a meal out at a bonafide HEALTHY food restaurant.

I am waiting for Chipotle to get their act together and go non gmo as I have seen posted on their facebook and countless posts about them going Non GMO.

One other thing why does the industry that promotes Organic use what they called ORGANIC CANOLA oil do they realize Canola is the worst oil you can use on anything? How bout oil like avacado or olive? Much easier to get organic. But the mfg industry doing organic foods is using Canola expressed expelled Canola (organic they claim) Read what Canola is you be the judge of if you really want your food made with oil that has had this process done? Watch video its short its from Science HOW ITS MADE ..

So if you start a Organic restaurant please don’t use Canola to ruin the entire affect of why we are eating at your restaurant. I know I certainly wouldn’t want my customers to get nothing but the best of REAL FOOD. Send me an invitation I’ll promote you like no tomorrow!

(Layers Bakery in Henderson Nv. Suppose to be Organic.. going to check it out!) Photo

Comments welcome! To prove how many people would love this type of restaurant!


What broke my kids revisited in Response

This is a blog I read and it irritated me so much I had to make a response counter to what the blogger would have wanted to hear.


Basically she threw a tantrum about her kids being broken at school because she didn’t want to give them the time to answer questions about what answer she wanted them to come up with to answer her “problem”?  It was disturbing to see a teacher behave so spoiled and uncaring for her students.  Kids ask questions should never be chastised, they are asking because they want to know the answer.  Do not present a kid a problem that has no answer then expect them to respond with NOTHING. like a blank look on their face. They participated in the answer by asking questions.  Yet were met with I’m not going to tell you attitude.  Ok then why would you ask them to solve something if it had no answer that is absurd.  Why chastise them for asking why it had no answer. I wonder why today kids have attitude, its because teacher’s like this expect something impossible, while being chastised for asking questions. 

MY response to her blog was this : 

I doubt my response will even get approved because it isn’t what this teacher wants to hear. But im a mature woman and have seen the times change, school has changed, concepts are the same however getting to the answer you want is not the same as how a student today works to get the answer.

This is a society of simple and fastest way to get to the answer society. Computers and technology. Your methods for teaching are out of date and if I was in your class, I would want a transfer. Today’s teachers are also broken in my opinion, if they expect kids to read their mind, and not ask questions at all. Chastised for asking is this correct is entirely wrong!

I am currently taking classes in college at my age yes, because technology has changed so much, I want to know more my need to learn has not dimenished. But if you ask me did I need to know about the type of Math your teaching then or now I would tell you no. I do not see a need for algebra and have never used it ever in life. I think that there is a place for it among those who want to learn it not those who are forced at 7th grade to grasp a concept of adding letters and not having an answer what the heck is that?

I hate the fact that in college I will need to take a course that will force me to learn something I won’t ever use in my years in future or ever used in my past.

Basic math is all you need for Accounting.

The way this teacher has lashed out and stomped her feet because her students dont get it does not deserve the good response to such a harsh blog post.

The trouble with kids is not that they are broken as not all are, some are just less enthusiastic about being forced to grasp a concept that they will never use in life more than likely.

A+b=c does not compute. Even a normal calculator wont accept a letter you punch in. There are no letters on a calculator keyboard.

Bashing these kids was uncalled for. Not everyone needs to KNOW what you know, far as I remember we were free to choose what we want to learn. If you go into science field then you can expect to be forced to know a plus b = c. But if these students are in 7th grade or high school they should have choices.

NO one needs to brainwash kids into thinking math is to get answers, because that is what equations of numbers are. Its logic. And calling it a day should have been precisely what it was. They want to be correct because that is what all classes require to have correct response and answers. You saying that its not true is incorrect in my view. You chastise them for giving you feedback or asking questions? That is incorrect. I give you a Fail on teaching and feel sorry for these kids.

And if you dont approve my response ill just blog it myself, if you post something in anger you should realize there are other sides to the subject. 


Talk about power happy Teachers you wonder why kids behave as they do.

Most of my teachers most of my life said PLEASE ask questions if you don’t understand the assignment. 

Perhaps her 2nd attempt should have been her first without out attitude toward the teacher. Why was she counting 52 times someone asked her if the problem was solved correctly. Seems she didn’t explain what she wanted very clearly if that many had to ask. Who is broken then?

Most of the responses on this blog post were negative to this teachers behavior in a mild way. It does open a can of worms when you say things how she did in this blog, she should have realized her behavior to blogging something like this would have adverse reaction. Or was she looking for NO answer?

If You Are Going to San Francisco….



Question : Would you go back in time to the Late 60s to early 70’s and take more photos of your life?
I noticed that most people have so much missing in photos from the 70’s. It seemed to be a time of not many photographs. This occurred to me when one of my cousins whom I haven’t seen in years posted a photo of me when I was maybe 12. I realized that this is exactly why I have people I have known since the 60s and 70s on my facebook. I hope to find photos of myself from their photo albums they have kept safe all these years and are now just able to easily photographed or scanned and uploaded them and wala bring back nostalgic memories to family and friends that may have been long shelved.

This photo I remember this trip more clear now, I went to visit my Uncle and Aunt and met my Cousin they lived in Fremont. My Uncle was an Air Traffic Controller, he took me to the facility and I got to see what he did. IT was crazy intensive sort of work. I couldn’t imagine how people could watch blips on a screen 8 hours a day. But here we are watching text / pixels go by 8 hours a day or more LOL.

Well I wait to see more photos appear periodically and enjoy and relive some past joys.

Probability : Think the only probability today is the I think the L.a.Kings are probably going to win the Stanley this year. This brings me to days gone by. Marcel Dion, Wayne Gretsky, Roggie Vachon, Luc Robaitalle. This is what I think of when I think of the Kings. .. look em up!

This paragraph blurb below, is more about a very odd occurrence in television viewing soon to come to us. I made this post earlier and as I reread it. I found how funny it really looks.

So cool Mark Pellegrino is landed a lead role in the American version of the French version of The Returned ( which is now showing on abc as Ressurection) Which is not exact as the French version. But a little different but still same story.. I Find it odd that A&E are taking it on.. but Im excited love the story!

A French tv show called the Returned Les Revenants – a novel. Becomes a Tv show in USA called Resurrection its contents are watered down more family style. A&E decides to make another version of this story as the American Version of the French Version on tv. So now we wait to see if it is like the French version which was excellent! Available on Netflix.

And last note I had posted to Mark Pellegrino, star of many shows we have seen lately. In fact he seems to pop in about everything I watch, or have watched. Which lead me to think maybe he is the new Kevin Bacon, he is in every show, sort of like Tom Skeeret was in many things a few years ago. Im happy he has the work, he is really good at his characters. Memorable : Lost as Jacob .. Being Human ..Bishop.
Just seems every show I watch lately he has a part in .. funny to me.

Algebra Really?

Question : Algebra really?
Algebra the ultimate test in college – that you have some analytic sense within your mind. And then and only then if you pass algebra your considered college qualified degree worthy people. I don’t know anyone that uses Algebra daily but teachers, and scientific people. I saw a card on FB.  It has a been another day that I have not used algebra in my life ever.

What is the probability that I will listen to all my music on vinyl or cassette before I climb the stairway to heaven? I just thought about how much music we all have in our possession. And I wondered what we were thinking by collecting so much. When in our lifetimes its so unlikely we will get to listen to everything one more time again. I think I should start listening to something each day that I haven’t listened to in years. The concept is quite vast in the array of life of things to do as we breath. Where to start since i have no organization of most of my music though i did box it and label a lot. I am hoping that my collection will pass to my grand children. Whatever they will do with it I don’t know. Ha!

I knew it! Subway food was just a lie. Although they are trying to change the bread that doesn’t eliminate much of the danger when they continue to serve meat with nitrates. It must be serious if our local telecast on nbc made a news report about the danger of the substance in the bread they are in process of removing. Wow.. you realize that its a flammable product that is used in Yoga mats ?  IT is a plastic but god knows how many more substances we have consumed with just as much crap in it. I know lead was one as they told about it on the news cast, as well as more plastics. Why did we even chew gum? Think about what gum is made of, look it up ? How much gum have we all swallowed?
I hope my grand kids never chew gum!

Me the Foody

Post for me today is why do people ignore what will happen to their kids if they continue to eat what is known to be poisonous and causing tumors and cancer in lab testing? We have the FDA approving Monsanto’s poison all the time. Its so simple to see FDA eating from the Monsanto hand. They think people most of them are dumb and ignorant. But see they are right. Why? Because each day people load up on all things poisonous eating it into their body.
Fake food. Synthetic food. Plastics. We know, ADA is a substance in most FLOUR. If the food isn’t saying NON GMO certified, chances are the fast food and restaurants that you are eating at are serving you ADA / the stuff used in Yoga mats. That’s right its been insocial media news for a couple months. At least it is on my FB.

I have no doubt that this is true. What we need to do is get back to giving our families food that is untainted with POISON from Monsanto which is GMO food and start feeding our families Certified Organic products. But even then you must watch, which ones and how much of the food is Organic. There are so many ways that the Monsanto type companies try to trick you into eating their food. THEY count on you eating their food so that their buddies Pharmaceutical companies will get your money when you have tumors and cancer.
Unfortunately most of us have so much pollutants in our bodies and our DNA, that it is not easy to clean that out. We try and keep to a steady flow of REAL food Organic food consumption then only to find another plot of Monsanto to contaminate the supply chain.

I have given up on trying to educate my husband and my daughter, and all I can do is pray for my grand kids who don’t stand a chance in having a long life survival because of what they eat. I am so grateful that I saw through the bullshit that is posted and lies of the pharmacy and doctors that I get a chance to try to live longer with better food.

It certainly isn’t going to kill me to eat Organic and Real food. I mean I could already be ill but my changes help me to know that I have given myself a fighting chance to survive or fight Cancers and other aging diseases. I don’t think its to late for anyone to try! I praise the young people who have the vision and clarity to see through the lies of the Govt, issued food that is processed and comes from Monsanto grown seeds. The medical system that the USA put in place also is to keep everyone in line and enslaved to their demands. They demand you to eat junk food and get sick. Then use their drugs to try to feel better. Lining the corporate greed pockets. Simple math isnt it?

They only need to keep the advertisements, LOOKING delicious to get through to most of the population.

I could never be part of advertising now today except to publish advertising of GET SMART EAT ORGANIC, and hopefully save lives of you and your family. Feel better take less drugs, by eating the right way.
The best way to describe what I mean is in the Movies “Food Matters” and “Knives over Forks” both on Netflix. SEE them it changed my world.

I think the best thing I can do is post and repost about food because it is a big part of all our enjoyment while we are in this world. Taste matters, as well as content to me. I find myself eating so many tasty things now that I thought I would only get from fast foods or restaurants. Its like I posted a photo of this below .. as this is what I see when I drive down the road. I don’t crave any of it anymore because I know its a LIE. You eat a lie. What is suppose to be bread is ADA ridden poison. What is suppose to be Meat is fake meat in most cases. And the list can go on an on.
See this photo .. its what I see :



Now I search the net for recipes that I can make with organic resources. I feel like a crafter in a game.
It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize the threat to life. It might take a FOODY person to open your eyes but if you refuse to believe, then it is on you. If your a Parent it is up to you to give your kids a chance. If your not a Parent its up to you to give yourself a better life, and a chance to cure many things that some of you are ailing from.
I have been cured of about 3 ailments from my change I only take 2 medicines and at my age most people take several.
I guess the point of this post was to speak to people who just follow the crowd and ignore the simplest changes to come and change their world.

Of course my husband just doesnt listen nor do most my family. I love them, butI can’t force them to GET SMART and get UNLAZY about what they eat.

And anyone who does try to change I respect and admire and am so proud of you.

A Few Questions..

Just a Few Questions..
Today is one of those days where reflection takes on new meanings. Its not like I look in the mirror often.  At my age who wants to. But imagine 40 yrs ago leaving the house without looking in the mirror and primping! (thank god autocorrect didn’t act up on that last line lol) I think sometimes I hate Facebook because it ages me more than if I didn’t look at it everyday.  You wake up turn on computer load Facebook to see, some famous actor or musician has passed away. You see tons of RIP’s and miscellaneous photos of that person, and their achievements.
It sure makes you feel small if you aren’t famous. You think gosh when its my turn, there wont be any sort of epitaph posted about me. I haven’t done anything extraordinary, but post on facebook, about the good ol’days, photos of my fantastic grand kids and daughter.

I never became someone famous, to be remembered. Heck, you get to a point where you figure out that it doesn’t matter if you had some famous moments or not. Your just happy to wake up each day and breath.
Is that why some of us older generation, take up reading and watching tv.  Just things to pass time? But didn’t we do many things in our lives that were to enjoy and pass time? Yes that includes sex! We made the memories and for what purpose I start to ask myself.

Is this figuring out the meaning of Life part of the aging process? In fact it is according to my psychology 101 book. Just about the time we figure out the meaning to us, we come to grips with it and accept that it may be over soon. So we grasp that and walk with it. We smile and make our peace, we either get more miserable or bitter or we mellow out and laugh a lot more. Which brings me to Facebook again, waking up and finding a ton of new posts with funny cats, funny sayings, and funny anything to share with some of my other older generation people.  So we end up with the RIP and the FUNNY side of life. Surely that is all worth logging in for, besides I think I need to know where all my old friends are at, eating sleeping drinking, watching tv etc, or looking at facebook in the same way as me! Just saying……