Algebra Really?

Question : Algebra really?
Algebra the ultimate test in college – that you have some analytic sense within your mind. And then and only then if you pass algebra your considered college qualified degree worthy people. I don’t know anyone that uses Algebra daily but teachers, and scientific people. I saw a card on FB.  It has a been another day that I have not used algebra in my life ever.

What is the probability that I will listen to all my music on vinyl or cassette before I climb the stairway to heaven? I just thought about how much music we all have in our possession. And I wondered what we were thinking by collecting so much. When in our lifetimes its so unlikely we will get to listen to everything one more time again. I think I should start listening to something each day that I haven’t listened to in years. The concept is quite vast in the array of life of things to do as we breath. Where to start since i have no organization of most of my music though i did box it and label a lot. I am hoping that my collection will pass to my grand children. Whatever they will do with it I don’t know. Ha!

I knew it! Subway food was just a lie. Although they are trying to change the bread that doesn’t eliminate much of the danger when they continue to serve meat with nitrates. It must be serious if our local telecast on nbc made a news report about the danger of the substance in the bread they are in process of removing. Wow.. you realize that its a flammable product that is used in Yoga mats ?  IT is a plastic but god knows how many more substances we have consumed with just as much crap in it. I know lead was one as they told about it on the news cast, as well as more plastics. Why did we even chew gum? Think about what gum is made of, look it up ? How much gum have we all swallowed?
I hope my grand kids never chew gum!


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