If You Are Going to San Francisco….



Question : Would you go back in time to the Late 60s to early 70’s and take more photos of your life?
I noticed that most people have so much missing in photos from the 70’s. It seemed to be a time of not many photographs. This occurred to me when one of my cousins whom I haven’t seen in years posted a photo of me when I was maybe 12. I realized that this is exactly why I have people I have known since the 60s and 70s on my facebook. I hope to find photos of myself from their photo albums they have kept safe all these years and are now just able to easily photographed or scanned and uploaded them and wala bring back nostalgic memories to family and friends that may have been long shelved.

This photo I remember this trip more clear now, I went to visit my Uncle and Aunt and met my Cousin they lived in Fremont. My Uncle was an Air Traffic Controller, he took me to the facility and I got to see what he did. IT was crazy intensive sort of work. I couldn’t imagine how people could watch blips on a screen 8 hours a day. But here we are watching text / pixels go by 8 hours a day or more LOL.

Well I wait to see more photos appear periodically and enjoy and relive some past joys.

Probability : Think the only probability today is the I think the L.a.Kings are probably going to win the Stanley this year. This brings me to days gone by. Marcel Dion, Wayne Gretsky, Roggie Vachon, Luc Robaitalle. This is what I think of when I think of the Kings. .. look em up!

This paragraph blurb below, is more about a very odd occurrence in television viewing soon to come to us. I made this post earlier and as I reread it. I found how funny it really looks.

So cool Mark Pellegrino is landed a lead role in the American version of the French version of The Returned ( which is now showing on abc as Ressurection) Which is not exact as the French version. But a little different but still same story.. I Find it odd that A&E are taking it on.. but Im excited love the story!

A French tv show called the Returned Les Revenants – a novel. Becomes a Tv show in USA called Resurrection its contents are watered down more family style. A&E decides to make another version of this story as the American Version of the French Version on tv. So now we wait to see if it is like the French version which was excellent! Available on Netflix.

And last note I had posted to Mark Pellegrino, star of many shows we have seen lately. In fact he seems to pop in about everything I watch, or have watched. Which lead me to think maybe he is the new Kevin Bacon, he is in every show, sort of like Tom Skeeret was in many things a few years ago. Im happy he has the work, he is really good at his characters. Memorable : Lost as Jacob .. Being Human ..Bishop.
Just seems every show I watch lately he has a part in .. funny to me.


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