What’s Better Built Will Never Rust

Excellent. Stunning words

Poetry by April Rayne Kagan

When burning bridges, burn them bright
For the jealous souls will tend to fight
And bleak the day when ashes rise;
Temptation follows burdened eyes.

A dare to look, a dare to take;
Though heaven gives, a man must make,
Then look upon what wrought to fell
An empty carcass, empty shell,

And hid beneath the tindered wood
A remnant of a childhood,
When all was good and all was laugh;
The tempests toss the better half.

Then biding time like it was free
The better got the best of me.
Spoiled on focus, spoiled on fun,
The bleak turned into joyous sun.

I frolicked in the month of May
And sprouted up in summers day.
I lazed about in calico;
A hint of colored leaves, you know?

And after all that fickle play
I learned to build another way.
The quality of what you reap
Is just the sameā€¦

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