Bio: I am currently taking Online Courses for an Associates Degree Creative Writing. I read alot, mostly on Net/FB/sites. I watch alot of TV. I Dream alot, knowing full well my Dreams will never come to reality. I write, when I can, which is why I made a Blog. I Am a Child of the 60s/70s.. and lived a wild 80s life. I Grew up in Hollywierd! Los Angeles. Then Life slowed down so it does with age. Interests: Television, Reading, Writing and Gaming, when I game its Everquest 2 or Diablo 3 sometimes card game Hearthstone and a bit of WoW now an then. Favorite Movies: Dangerous Beauty, my all time favorite ever. Favorite Tv : Sense 8, Dexter, Breaking Bad, Revolution, Downton Abbey, Walking Dead Favorite Music: Rock/Alternative/Gothic Favorite Books: Dean Koontz - Odd Thomas Series, Anne Rice novels, Stephen King, Betsy Piroleau - Seductress, Game of Thrones, Fifty Shades of Grey, and the Writer David McGowan

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