A Few Questions..

Just a Few Questions..
Today is one of those days where reflection takes on new meanings. Its not like I look in the mirror often.  At my age who wants to. But imagine 40 yrs ago leaving the house without looking in the mirror and primping! (thank god autocorrect didn’t act up on that last line lol) I think sometimes I hate Facebook because it ages me more than if I didn’t look at it everyday.  You wake up turn on computer load Facebook to see, some famous actor or musician has passed away. You see tons of RIP’s and miscellaneous photos of that person, and their achievements.
It sure makes you feel small if you aren’t famous. You think gosh when its my turn, there wont be any sort of epitaph posted about me. I haven’t done anything extraordinary, but post on facebook, about the good ol’days, photos of my fantastic grand kids and daughter.

I never became someone famous, to be remembered. Heck, you get to a point where you figure out that it doesn’t matter if you had some famous moments or not. Your just happy to wake up each day and breath.
Is that why some of us older generation, take up reading and watching tv.  Just things to pass time? But didn’t we do many things in our lives that were to enjoy and pass time? Yes that includes sex! We made the memories and for what purpose I start to ask myself.

Is this figuring out the meaning of Life part of the aging process? In fact it is according to my psychology 101 book. Just about the time we figure out the meaning to us, we come to grips with it and accept that it may be over soon. So we grasp that and walk with it. We smile and make our peace, we either get more miserable or bitter or we mellow out and laugh a lot more. Which brings me to Facebook again, waking up and finding a ton of new posts with funny cats, funny sayings, and funny anything to share with some of my other older generation people.  So we end up with the RIP and the FUNNY side of life. Surely that is all worth logging in for, besides I think I need to know where all my old friends are at, eating sleeping drinking, watching tv etc, or looking at facebook in the same way as me! Just saying……