What broke my kids revisited in Response

This is a blog I read and it irritated me so much I had to make a response counter to what the blogger would have wanted to hear.



Basically she threw a tantrum about her kids being broken at school because she didn’t want to give them the time to answer questions about what answer she wanted them to come up with to answer her “problem”?  It was disturbing to see a teacher behave so spoiled and uncaring for her students.  Kids ask questions should never be chastised, they are asking because they want to know the answer.  Do not present a kid a problem that has no answer then expect them to respond with NOTHING. like a blank look on their face. They participated in the answer by asking questions.  Yet were met with I’m not going to tell you attitude.  Ok then why would you ask them to solve something if it had no answer that is absurd.  Why chastise them for asking why it had no answer. I wonder why today kids have attitude, its because teacher’s like this expect something impossible, while being chastised for asking questions. 

MY response to her blog was this : 

I doubt my response will even get approved because it isn’t what this teacher wants to hear. But im a mature woman and have seen the times change, school has changed, concepts are the same however getting to the answer you want is not the same as how a student today works to get the answer.

This is a society of simple and fastest way to get to the answer society. Computers and technology. Your methods for teaching are out of date and if I was in your class, I would want a transfer. Today’s teachers are also broken in my opinion, if they expect kids to read their mind, and not ask questions at all. Chastised for asking is this correct is entirely wrong!

I am currently taking classes in college at my age yes, because technology has changed so much, I want to know more my need to learn has not dimenished. But if you ask me did I need to know about the type of Math your teaching then or now I would tell you no. I do not see a need for algebra and have never used it ever in life. I think that there is a place for it among those who want to learn it not those who are forced at 7th grade to grasp a concept of adding letters and not having an answer what the heck is that?

I hate the fact that in college I will need to take a course that will force me to learn something I won’t ever use in my years in future or ever used in my past.

Basic math is all you need for Accounting.

The way this teacher has lashed out and stomped her feet because her students dont get it does not deserve the good response to such a harsh blog post.

The trouble with kids is not that they are broken as not all are, some are just less enthusiastic about being forced to grasp a concept that they will never use in life more than likely.

A+b=c does not compute. Even a normal calculator wont accept a letter you punch in. There are no letters on a calculator keyboard.

Bashing these kids was uncalled for. Not everyone needs to KNOW what you know, far as I remember we were free to choose what we want to learn. If you go into science field then you can expect to be forced to know a plus b = c. But if these students are in 7th grade or high school they should have choices.

NO one needs to brainwash kids into thinking math is to get answers, because that is what equations of numbers are. Its logic. And calling it a day should have been precisely what it was. They want to be correct because that is what all classes require to have correct response and answers. You saying that its not true is incorrect in my view. You chastise them for giving you feedback or asking questions? That is incorrect. I give you a Fail on teaching and feel sorry for these kids.

And if you dont approve my response ill just blog it myself, if you post something in anger you should realize there are other sides to the subject. 


Talk about power happy Teachers you wonder why kids behave as they do.

Most of my teachers most of my life said PLEASE ask questions if you don’t understand the assignment. 

Perhaps her 2nd attempt should have been her first without out attitude toward the teacher. Why was she counting 52 times someone asked her if the problem was solved correctly. Seems she didn’t explain what she wanted very clearly if that many had to ask. Who is broken then?

Most of the responses on this blog post were negative to this teachers behavior in a mild way. It does open a can of worms when you say things how she did in this blog, she should have realized her behavior to blogging something like this would have adverse reaction. Or was she looking for NO answer?