Organic Restaurants Where Are You? Canola Really?

WHY NO ORGANIC Restaurants?

Ok I don’t get out a lot but I think I would have heard of a restaurant opening up in Vegas or Henderson that was actually serving only Organic meals.

WHY is that? IF I was able to own a restaurant in today’s world, I would venture into this type of business.

WHY not give people an option to eat healthier know where your food comes from food. REAL FOOD, HELLO?

SO what if your ingredients will be more costly .. HELLO people will PAY for better food its a fact look at the success of WHOLE FOODS, SPROUT Markets, Wild Oats among a few.

What you do is figure in the cost of the extra you pay for that food into your budget then it passes on to the customer as always. After all your restaurant is a Gourmet restaurant. PEOPLE come there know they will pay a bit more. And will they come to your establishment? DAM RIGHT! Id be first in the line if I got wind of a new restaurant opening that actually cooked with all food organic sources. There are so many hungry Foodies out there that would love to enjoy a meal out at a bonafide HEALTHY food restaurant.

I am waiting for Chipotle to get their act together and go non gmo as I have seen posted on their facebook and countless posts about them going Non GMO.

One other thing why does the industry that promotes Organic use what they called ORGANIC CANOLA oil do they realize Canola is the worst oil you can use on anything? How bout oil like avacado or olive? Much easier to get organic. But the mfg industry doing organic foods is using Canola expressed expelled Canola (organic they claim) Read what Canola is you be the judge of if you really want your food made with oil that has had this process done? Watch video its short its from Science HOW ITS MADE ..

So if you start a Organic restaurant please don’t use Canola to ruin the entire affect of why we are eating at your restaurant. I know I certainly wouldn’t want my customers to get nothing but the best of REAL FOOD. Send me an invitation I’ll promote you like no tomorrow!

(Layers Bakery in Henderson Nv. Suppose to be Organic.. going to check it out!) Photo

Comments welcome! To prove how many people would love this type of restaurant!