Organic Restaurants Where Are You? Canola Really?

WHY NO ORGANIC Restaurants?

Ok I don’t get out a lot but I think I would have heard of a restaurant opening up in Vegas or Henderson that was actually serving only Organic meals.

WHY is that? IF I was able to own a restaurant in today’s world, I would venture into this type of business.

WHY not give people an option to eat healthier know where your food comes from food. REAL FOOD, HELLO?

SO what if your ingredients will be more costly .. HELLO people will PAY for better food its a fact look at the success of WHOLE FOODS, SPROUT Markets, Wild Oats among a few.

What you do is figure in the cost of the extra you pay for that food into your budget then it passes on to the customer as always. After all your restaurant is a Gourmet restaurant. PEOPLE come there know they will pay a bit more. And will they come to your establishment? DAM RIGHT! Id be first in the line if I got wind of a new restaurant opening that actually cooked with all food organic sources. There are so many hungry Foodies out there that would love to enjoy a meal out at a bonafide HEALTHY food restaurant.

I am waiting for Chipotle to get their act together and go non gmo as I have seen posted on their facebook and countless posts about them going Non GMO.

One other thing why does the industry that promotes Organic use what they called ORGANIC CANOLA oil do they realize Canola is the worst oil you can use on anything? How bout oil like avacado or olive? Much easier to get organic. But the mfg industry doing organic foods is using Canola expressed expelled Canola (organic they claim) Read what Canola is you be the judge of if you really want your food made with oil that has had this process done? Watch video its short its from Science HOW ITS MADE ..

So if you start a Organic restaurant please don’t use Canola to ruin the entire affect of why we are eating at your restaurant. I know I certainly wouldn’t want my customers to get nothing but the best of REAL FOOD. Send me an invitation I’ll promote you like no tomorrow!

(Layers Bakery in Henderson Nv. Suppose to be Organic.. going to check it out!) Photo

Comments welcome! To prove how many people would love this type of restaurant!


Me the Foody

Post for me today is why do people ignore what will happen to their kids if they continue to eat what is known to be poisonous and causing tumors and cancer in lab testing? We have the FDA approving Monsanto’s poison all the time. Its so simple to see FDA eating from the Monsanto hand. They think people most of them are dumb and ignorant. But see they are right. Why? Because each day people load up on all things poisonous eating it into their body.
Fake food. Synthetic food. Plastics. We know, ADA is a substance in most FLOUR. If the food isn’t saying NON GMO certified, chances are the fast food and restaurants that you are eating at are serving you ADA / the stuff used in Yoga mats. That’s right its been insocial media news for a couple months. At least it is on my FB.

I have no doubt that this is true. What we need to do is get back to giving our families food that is untainted with POISON from Monsanto which is GMO food and start feeding our families Certified Organic products. But even then you must watch, which ones and how much of the food is Organic. There are so many ways that the Monsanto type companies try to trick you into eating their food. THEY count on you eating their food so that their buddies Pharmaceutical companies will get your money when you have tumors and cancer.
Unfortunately most of us have so much pollutants in our bodies and our DNA, that it is not easy to clean that out. We try and keep to a steady flow of REAL food Organic food consumption then only to find another plot of Monsanto to contaminate the supply chain.

I have given up on trying to educate my husband and my daughter, and all I can do is pray for my grand kids who don’t stand a chance in having a long life survival because of what they eat. I am so grateful that I saw through the bullshit that is posted and lies of the pharmacy and doctors that I get a chance to try to live longer with better food.

It certainly isn’t going to kill me to eat Organic and Real food. I mean I could already be ill but my changes help me to know that I have given myself a fighting chance to survive or fight Cancers and other aging diseases. I don’t think its to late for anyone to try! I praise the young people who have the vision and clarity to see through the lies of the Govt, issued food that is processed and comes from Monsanto grown seeds. The medical system that the USA put in place also is to keep everyone in line and enslaved to their demands. They demand you to eat junk food and get sick. Then use their drugs to try to feel better. Lining the corporate greed pockets. Simple math isnt it?

They only need to keep the advertisements, LOOKING delicious to get through to most of the population.

I could never be part of advertising now today except to publish advertising of GET SMART EAT ORGANIC, and hopefully save lives of you and your family. Feel better take less drugs, by eating the right way.
The best way to describe what I mean is in the Movies “Food Matters” and “Knives over Forks” both on Netflix. SEE them it changed my world.

I think the best thing I can do is post and repost about food because it is a big part of all our enjoyment while we are in this world. Taste matters, as well as content to me. I find myself eating so many tasty things now that I thought I would only get from fast foods or restaurants. Its like I posted a photo of this below .. as this is what I see when I drive down the road. I don’t crave any of it anymore because I know its a LIE. You eat a lie. What is suppose to be bread is ADA ridden poison. What is suppose to be Meat is fake meat in most cases. And the list can go on an on.
See this photo .. its what I see :



Now I search the net for recipes that I can make with organic resources. I feel like a crafter in a game.
It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize the threat to life. It might take a FOODY person to open your eyes but if you refuse to believe, then it is on you. If your a Parent it is up to you to give your kids a chance. If your not a Parent its up to you to give yourself a better life, and a chance to cure many things that some of you are ailing from.
I have been cured of about 3 ailments from my change I only take 2 medicines and at my age most people take several.
I guess the point of this post was to speak to people who just follow the crowd and ignore the simplest changes to come and change their world.

Of course my husband just doesnt listen nor do most my family. I love them, butI can’t force them to GET SMART and get UNLAZY about what they eat.

And anyone who does try to change I respect and admire and am so proud of you.